5 Simple Ways to Customize a Final Tribute

Although cremation continues to grow in popularity, many families don’t realize they can hold a meaningful service before or after the cremation. Just like with a traditional funeral and burial, there are countless ways you can customize a cremation service to reflect your loved one’s unique life.

Here are five special touches you can add to any memorial service to create an unforgettable tribute for your loved one:

  1. Special Music: You can easily customize your loved one’s service by playing their favorite tunes—whether that may be Mozart, Elvis or anything in between. You may also choose to ask a violinist, bagpipe player, pianist or singer to perform at the service.
  2. Photo & Memento Displays: Put your loved one’s exceptional life on display! Whether you choose to include photo collages, special memorabilia, collectibles, medals or trophies, a memento display is the perfect way to commemorate a life well lived.
  3. DVD Tributes: Celebrate your loved one’s unique life with a customized DVD tribute. These unique tributes typically include photos and videos of your loved one accompanied by music, light and graphics. You may show this tribute at the visitation or the service or simply hold onto it as a keepsake.
  4. Dove, Balloon or Butterfly Release: You may also arrange to release doves, balloons or butterflies before, during or after the service. This is a powerfully symbolic way to “release” your loved one and begin your journey to healing.
  5. Candlelight Ceremony: Keep your loved one’s memory burning brightly with a candlelight ceremony during the service. This ceremony can be accompanied by prayer, music or reflection.

These are just five out of countless special touches you may choose to customize your loved one’s final farewell. At Ohio Cremation & Memorial Society, our caring staff can help you arrange a truly memorable service to be held before or after the cremation. We offer a beautiful setting for your family to come together and honor your loved one or you may choose to celebrate their life at your own church, home or any other venue.

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